General knowledge facts -2 dated 12-05-2014

1. Gas used in LPG–Butane, Propane and
2. Tear Gas—Ammonia (NH3)
3. Gas with foul smell—Hydrogen Sulphide
4. Laughing gas—Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
5. Gas used in refrigeration—Freon
6. Freon, the gas used in refrigeration is
chemically known as—Diflouro Dichloro
7. Gobar gas is a mixture of—Methane, CO2
and hydrogen
8. Gas mixed with oxygen and given to
patients with restricted breathing— Helium
9. A major air pollutant, the percentage
presence of which is checked in vehicle
pollution test—Carbon monoxide
10. The gas which is responsible for the
formation of brown air in traffic congested
cities— Nitrogen oxide
11. Major gaseous pollutant of areas located
near thermal power station—-Suphur dioxide
12. Natural gas—Mainly methane with small
quantities of ethane and propane
13. Strong smelling substance added to LPG—
Ethyl Mercaptan or Ethanethiol
14. Gases responsible for depletion of ozone
layer—Chloroflouro carbons
15. Gas used in gas welding and also artificial
ripening of fruits—Acetylene
16. Gas used in electric bulbs—Argon
17. Gas used in flourescent lamps—Mercury
18. Gas known as marsh gas—Methane
19. Gas responsible for acid rain—Sulphur
20. Gas most abundant in earth’s
atmosphere—-Nitrogen (78%)
21. Percentage of oxygen in earth’s
atmosphere—21% (appx) -

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सामान्य ज्ञान तथ्य 12-05-2014

1. श्रीलंका का पुराना नाम क्या है।- सिलोन
2. उत्तरांखंड का पुराना नाम है।- उत्तराचल
3. सात पहाड़ियों का नगर कहलाता है।- रोम
4. हैदराबाद किस नदी के पास बसा है।- मूसी नदी
5. लूनी नदी के पास कौनसा शहर बसा हुआ है।- अजमेर
6. उज्जैन किस नदी के तट पर स्थित है।- क्षिप्रा
7. हवा वाला शहर कहलाता है।- शिकागो
8. लाहौर किस नदी के किनारे पर बसा हुआ है।- रावी नदी
9. तंबाकू मुक्ति दिवस कब मनाया जाता है।- 31 May को
10. विश्व श्रमिक दिवस (मई दिवस) कब मनाया जाता है। – 1 मई
11.पंचपदरा में सुदर्शन शक्ति में कितने सैनिकों ने भाग लिया ? – 60 हजार सैनिक
12. रिजर्व बैंक के डिप्टी गवर्नर कौन है? – सुबीर गोकर्ण
13. भागवत संप्रदाय के संस्थापक हैं। – वासुदेव
14. 17 जलवायु परिवर्तन सम्मेलन कहां आयोजित किया गया है? – डरबन
15. फेसबुक ने हाल ही में किसे 65 लाख का पैकेज ऑफर किया है? – रोहतक के अंकुर को में पाक के उच्चयुक्त कौन है? – सलमान बशीर
17. अकबर का मकबरा किसने बनवाया था। – जहांगीर ने सिकंदरा में
18. बाबर का भारत में अंतिमयुद्ध कौनसा था। – घाघरा कायुद्ध (1529)

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Daily Quiz 03

Find the incorrect part of the following sentences

Question 1

Ramesh is smarter enough to get selected for this post,without any recommendations

Ramesh is smarter
enough to get
selected for this
post,without any recommendations
NO Error
Question 2

many of the question appeared in the question paper are too difficult to solve .

many of the question
appeared in the question paper
are too difficult
to solve .
Question 3

He said to me I think you will never turn a traitor’.

He said to me
I think you
will never
turn a traitor’.
NO Error
Question 4

The Rome was not built in a day.

The Rome
not built
in a day.
NO Error
Question 5

You must be true to your words in order to enjoy the real reputation in the life.

You must
be true to your words
in order to enjoy
the real reputation in the life.
NO Error

Right Answers

1-A Hint : Change ‘smarter’ to ‘smart’.

2-A Hint :  Write ‘questions’ for ‘question’ remember to use plural noun after one of one of the many of the .

3-D Hint : Delete ‘a’ before turn. Turn is an inchoative verb, so article ‘a’ will not be used here

4-A Hint : Delete ‘The’ before Rome and Rome is a proper noun .

5-D Hint :Delete ‘the’ before life. He is leading a happy life

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प्रेरणादायक विचार ००१


हम अपने जीवन में वास्तविक सुधार तभी कर सकते हैं जब हम व्यहार और नज़रीए की पत्तियों पर प्रहार करना छोड़ दें तथा जड़ों यानी दृष्टिकोण पर काम करने में जुट जाएं जिनसे हमारा व्यवहार और नज़रीए उत्पन्न होते हैं। – स्टीफ़न आर. कवी


Daily Quiz 02

Today’s daily quiz is based on General knowledge

Question 1

Which Prime Minister of India imposed President Rule for more number of times—

Jawahar Lal Nehru
Lal Bahadur Shastri
N. D. Deva Gowda
Indira Gandhi
Narsimha Rao

Multiple choice (Unique answer)

Question 2

In India who amended the Constitution through the first Amendment Bill 1951—

Lok Sabha
Rajya Sabha
Provisional Parliament
none of these

Multiple choice (Unique answer)

Question 3

When did the Constituent Assembly passed a resolution for translation of the Constitution of India into Hindi and other many languages of India—

17th Sep. 1949
17th Oct. 1949
17th Nov. 1949
17th Dec. 1949
17th Jan. 1949

Multiple choice (Unique answer)

Question 4

Robert Koch worked on –


Multiple choice (Unique answer)

Question 5

Dialayis is done when –

Kidneys fail
Heart stops functioning
Liver stops functioning
none of these

Right Answers

1. Indira Gandhi

2. Provisional Parliament

3. 17th Sept. 1949

4. Tuberculosis

5. Kidneys fail


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Daily Quiz 01

Daily Quiz for today is an English vocabulary quiz.

Question 1

What is the meaning of the word perfidious

a) nearness in time or place affinity of nature

b) assistance relief in time of distress

c) quality of being unskillful

d) treacherous faithless

e) None of these

Question 2

What is the meaning of the word macabre

a) gruesome suggesting death

b) taking too little care

c) willful FALSE statement unlawful act

d) one-sided committed to a party biased r prejudiced

e) None of these

Question 3
What is the meaning of the word poncho

a) black powder in smoke

b) rise fly high

c) large piece of cloth

d) quick judging and understanding

e) None of these

Question 4

What is the meaning of the word irascible

a) untidy

b) needing effort burdensome

c) irritable easily angered

d) unimportant

e) None of these

Question 5

What is the meaning of the word florid

a) rest to sit or stand in a lazy way hang (dog’s tongue)

b) state of doubt or perplexity

c) have a mutual relation

d) very much ornamented naturally red (e.g.. of face)

e) None of these

Right Answers


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How to choose the right profession- Part 2

In good old times in India (the vedic era) teacher or guru was the only one to decide what a child will become in future. He was having the right to decide, whether a child will be a Brahmin, kShratriya or Vaish. The gurus used to analyse the natural behaviour and actions of child at very early age of 5-7 years to categorise him as Brahmin, kshatriya or Vaish and he was put into one varna. ( sudra was not a varna and those who remained uneducated due to one reason or another were considered as sudra ) . These varna at that time were professional fields and not the castes. Later when the system become corrupt these varna turned to castes and the profession of the child was then decided by the profession of parents, Unfortunately at that time sudra also become a caste and for generations, people were deprived of education for being born as sudra.

Today with the spread of new education and new thoughts and due to awakening of masses, it is possible for a person to decide his/her profession. But this freedom came to us with a responsibility to choose a right profession. This is a collective responsibility of the students, parents and teachers to find a perfect profession for the student.

Role of Parents and teachers in career selection

Even when the child have to make the final decision select his/her profession, Parents and teachers need to play very important roles in the whole process. The parents are mature and closely acquainted with the student and his/her environment and the teachers are trained professional and aware of the present trends in choice of profession as well as the personality traits of the child. So the teachers and parents can suggest the better options of careers to the child and also help him/her in exploring various professions their lifestyles, merits, demerits and different aspects of those professions. They can help the child to analyse his/her own strengths and weaknesses. They can also help them to know the present opportunities and threats.

While helping the child the teachers and parents should be very careful and in any case they should not impose their own choices on the child. This may affect his/her decision making and things may go wrong.

What is the right time to start the process?

National Career Development guidelines of United States, gives a timeline for the career deciding process. According to this timeline the process of career decision should start in the 5th year of education. The process should start with career awareness. At this level students must know about the need and importance of the career in one’s life and also about some of the available career. During next 2-3 years s/he should know about various careers and the lifestyle of the people in the same. In the 9th and 10th year of education s/he should be guided by parents and teacher to select the right kind of career. In the 11th and 12th year of education s/he should go though some final preparation before actually selecting a career. After that s/he should spent at few years to actually entering the profession.

In my opinion this timeline is more or less applicable in Indian scenario. But the major problem in India is lack of career awareness in parents and even in most of the educators, especially in rural and suburban part of India. Irony about most of the teachers (and not all) of today is that, they never wanted to be a teacher in life, they are in the profession because they could not join any other profession (there are so many reasons behind it but they are beyond the scope of today’s topic). Even the teachers. who are aware of the need of career counselling in education, are not giving much emphasis on this due to one reason or the other. This very fact makes it almost impossible to start this process in a proper manner and at the proper time.

If possible teachers and/or parents should start giving some career awareness to the students at the age of 10-11 years. It will surely help the student in the course of time.

In days to come I’ll try to explain the role of student in career selection and steps to be followed during career selection. Feedback suggestions and questions from the readers are most welcome.

(Disclaimer: All the information provided here is without any guarantee or warranty. I’m trying to give my views based on my experiences and readings. They may or may not apply in the conditions of reader.)